KS Retail is a specialist in Searching, Finding, and Securing commercial premises.

This might be stores, but also within the café and restaurant business.
KS Retail also holds the expertise to optimize existing facilities.
KS Retail cooperates with both foreign property developers
as well as Danish stakeholders in the market.


  • Ks-retail is the ideal partner when searching for a premise for any retail use. Ks-retail has the local knowledge and the international experience to point out the right city, area and location to set-up the business.
  • Key-plans, Reports and statistical material are all tools used to make the search state of the art


  • Ks-retail will, based on the exact needs of the customer, find the right space for a store, a restaurant, a museum or any other type of retail or leisure.
  • Ks-retail will help its customers to find “the needle in the haystack”.


  • Ks-retail will, in cooperation with the needed help of its partners, make sure that our customer will obtain the premise according with the needs, specifications and requirements stated.
  • Ks-retail can provided the expertise of lawyers, accountants, architects and other professionals to make sure that opening a store is a pleasure and not a problem


  • Ks-retail also acts as a consultant or sparing partner when adding new business to the existing business of our customers
  • We participate in the negotiations needed to enhance or terminate contracts, agreements or tenders
  • Ks-retail provides its customers with a commercial real estate strategy – what will be our first step….and what will be the next ones?
  • Ks-retail helps its customers think out of the box – not all you see is intended to be like it is now


​It has been a privilege and a great honour for KS RETAIL to be chosen as Retail Adviser for CHANEL.

It has been quite a travel - for almost 3 years - to find and secure the right premise for this unique fashion brand. The requirements of a distinct location, a beautiful building and the needed size and shape, has not at all been easy but the Scandinavian branch, led by Mr. Julien Beard, has never doubted that we would succeed.

The location on Kongens Nytorv – the very heart of the city of Copenhagen, neighboured by the distinct hotel D’Angleterre and the emblematic building of the French Embassy – is so much spot-on for a destination brand like CHANEL.

I am quite sure this part of Strøget will see a growing demand by other fashion brands in the luxury end of retailing.​


KS Retail

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3460 Birkerød


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